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How to choose loudspeakers -page1

Is actually a speaker to be within the scope of audio-frequency electric power signal through the transducer (speaker unit), put it into a sound pressure level of audible sound enough. In order to correctly select the right speaker, you must first understand the properties of sound signal, and then ask the speaker to "genuine," to restore the audio signal into a real natural sound.The human voice and a variety of music is a random signal, its waveform is very complicated. Frequency range of audible sound in general up to 20Hz-20kHz; in which the scope of the language spectrum around 150Hz-4kHz or so; and a variety of music, the spectrum range up to about 40Hz-18kHz. The average spectral energy distribution as follows: bass and the bass part of the largest alt part of the second, and pitch some of the smallest (about the bass part of the energy of the 1 / 10); the human voice of the energy is concentrated in the 200Hz-3.5kHz frequency The audible sound of random signal amplitude of the peak is larger than its average of 10-15dB (or even higher point). Therefore, loudspeaker to be able to correctly re-release of these random signals, ensuring playback of sound beautiful sounds, loudspeakers must have a wide frequency response characteristics, adequate sound pressure level and large-signal dynamic range.We would like to spend a relatively small input signal power to obtain a large enough sound pressure level, which called for loudspeakers with a high-efficiency electric power conversion into a sound pressure sensitivity.



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