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How do I place the speakers

How should speakers be placed? The location of the correct speaker placement is to obtain a good sound, put one of the factors, in the display must be aware of the following questions:1. The distance between the two speakers is not less than 1.5 to 2 meters, and maintain the same level. The left and right speakers on either side and should be the same distance from the wall. There should be no speaker in front of the debris.2. Tweeter speakers and listening ears of those who should remain the same horizontal line, listening and those between the two speakers should be 60-degree angle, listening behind those who want to retain a certain space.3. Two speakers on both sides of the wall should be consistent with the acoustic, that is, the walls on both sides of the reflection of sound waves should be the same.4. If the speaker sound is not directional wide, two speakers can be placed slightly to the inside.5. For small low-frequency speaker if the feeling is not enough speakers can be placed near the wall.


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