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Home theater speaker installation and commissioning2

In speaker box's mounting height aspect, according to THX model, installment highly approximately between 1.8m~2.2m, then this time consumer needs to fix using the sound box support the sound box on the wall surface. Therefore, the consumer may arrive at the electric appliance city to sell rack's store to buy some appropriate sound box support to come to the sound box to carry on the installment. If could not find the appropriate support, might consider that acted according to own sound box to make to order one, was only the cost meets relatively high some. However, has the part of sound box factory in produces sound box's time to be able now to act according to its product to promote the corresponding sound box support, by facilitates the consumer to select and purchase the use. For example M&K, Genelec and so on specialized factory has the corresponding sound box appendix to promote. the ultra bass sound box's establishment with places the ultra bass sound box is mainly uses for to make up the main sound box's low frequency lower limit insufficient to suppose, simultaneously, it may also play increases the low frequency energy the role. Therefore, consumer before use must establish the good AV amplifier's low frequency frequency division spot. But when hypothesis frequency division, should act according to the sound box which you choose to carry on the hypothesis. For example, what chooses is M&K, Atlanta and so on when has the THX authentication family theater sound box, then may frequency division completely establish in 80Hz. As for other sound boxes, you must act according to each sound box's low-frequency response to establish each sound track's frequency division spot.after a frequency division establishment completes, may carry on to the ultra bass sound box suspends the position. Which position then the ultra bass sound box does suspend in the room is quite suitable? Because below 80Hz low frequency nearly does not have the directivity, therefore theoretically speaking, the ultra bass sound box may lay aside at will in the room any place.

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