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Home theater speaker installation

When consumers choose a good suit their speakers, the next task is to carry out anyway, right speakers, installation and commissioning and a series of work. As the home theater speaker system installation, and debugging, etc. anyway, there is a strictly regulated, which means that the user only to comply with these specifications for installation and commissioning of the speakers, to get the ideal sound. In fact, the magazine in the past, Sinorama home theater speaker also talked about a number of related steps in the installation and debugging methods, but there may be only for a particular environment for explanations, not necessarily appropriate for other family environment. Thus, in this month's special report, we will be aimed at the general family environment and the installation and commissioning of the speaker to make a presentation, hoping to give consumers a guide.Installation of the front-channel speakerFront of the channel by the two main speakers and one Center Speaker composition, referred to as LCR channels. This three speakers are responsible for most of the software's voice. Therefore, installation of critical importance. According to THX example, LCR speaker the best installation method is to install the three speakers at the same height, and with the listener's ear height when seated flush, so as to get the best sound field, as well as the correct positioning voice dialogue . However, the vast majority of consumers do not necessarily have a family environment for such a condition. For example, do not use transparent sound is to use the TV screen, or the consumer can not be in accordance with the above method installed. For this part of the consumers, you can try to set the speakers installed in the display device along the upper edge or lower, and then to the speaker's radiation pattern to adjust. However, this practice is important to note that the installation of speakers in the set height and L, R-channel speaker can not be greater than the angle between 15 degrees, so as not to undermine the voice of the audio-visual dialogue positioning and sound field.Apart from the above installation methods, users can also try to LCR-channel speaker also installed in the display device along the upper edge or lower. Then, three pairs of speaker do the same radiation direction of the adjustment, this can also get in front of an ideal sound field.Surround speaker installationThe surround speakers on the market now are dipole radiation Speaker as well as traditional direct radiation loudspeaker. For the current 7.1-channel AV systems, you need to use the four surround speakers. Under normal circumstances, you can configure four dipole radiation Speaker or four direct radiation loudspeaker, or side-channel with dipole-type speakers, the rear channel is the use of direct radiation loudspeaker. Installation of these speakers are also some specific requirements. For example, the direct radiation speaker with the front LCR channels to listen to the same location will be pointing to the direction of radiation, for dipole-type speakers need to be speaker of the "zero zone" pointing to listening position.In the speaker's mounting height, according to THX example, the installation height of about 1.8m ~ 2.2m between, then this time consumers will need to use the speaker stands speakers fixed to the wall. Thus, consumers can go to Circuit City selling racks of shops to buy some speaker stands to the right of the speaker to install. If you can not find a suitable frame, can be considered according to their speakers to be made a