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Home Theater AV Amplifier The specific functions of 7

Leads enlargement in the AV power amplifier to have many amplifiers, uses for to enlarge the sound signal, actuates the family theater finally the sound box. It with stereo sound power amplifier only then two groups enlargements (left and right) different, usually has 5 group enlargement sound tracks (left, middle and right, left encirclement, right encirclement sound). Amplifier's rated power is the wattage which outputs with each sound track indicated that between the different machine the difference is very big, low only then about 25 tiles, high may reach 150 tiles. majority AV power amplifiers, provides the power for the front sound track is surrounds the sound track to provide must be bigger. For example, a mark each provides 70 tile powers for the front 3 sound tracks in the AV power amplifier, each possibly only provides 35 tiles to two encirclement sound tracks. The reason that reduces the power which provides to the following two sound tracks to be feasible, is because in the family theater's sound total output, two encirclement sound sound box emits the sound should the sound which emits the front 3 sound boxes be smaller than originally. In addition, when uses Dubi surrounds the sound form, the actuation encirclement sound sound box's signaling frequency response was reduced, is only from 100Hz to 7000Hz, is not from 20Hz to the 20,000Hz entire tone frequency band width; The encirclement sound sound box does not need to replay the bass, therefore may use the power small amplifier to actuate. because Dubi surrounds the sound form to hold the dominant status in the market sale product, the factory surrounds sound track's power to design is small, as if also all may. However, after when the Dubi digit encirclement sound form and the DTS encirclement sound form appears, because their encirclement sound track is the full bandwidth, the Manufacturer started in the new AV power amplifier product to provide the similarly big power completely to 5 sound tracks. For example the high grade AV power amplifier includes the Dubi digit decoding function, they power which provides to the encirclement sound sound box, usually with the power which provides to the front 3 sound boxes equally is big. in addition, some AV power amplifier Manufacturer, when design central sound track's power is also very parsimonious. They believed wrongly that must pass excessively leftist or the right sound track's signal through the central sound track's signal is smaller. Therefore then reduces the central sound track amplifier's power. But, becomes along with the consumer more and more expert, these factories can not but change the method, has provided the similar size for the front 3 sound tracks or approximately the same power. Actually, in the family theater system, the role which the central sound track plays is biggest, nearly all dialogs need to replay by it, in addition also has some musical sounds and many effect sounds.

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