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Home Theater AV Amplifier The specific functions of 5

The installment has two kind of video inputs and output socket's AV power amplifier, in the use must pay attention to a question. If you connect a program source with a S video frequency line with yours AV power amplifier, what but when connects the AV power amplifier and the image monitoring device actually uses is the compound video frequency line, that you then do not look at the image on the monitoring device. Uses the S video frequency connection when the program source and the AV power amplifier, must use the S video frequency between the AV power amplifier and the image monitoring device to connect. on the AV power amplifier also has type various other three kind of ports. Although they are use for to input the digit tonic train signaling, but is different to the signal type's request. This when connection is must be careful that do not make a mistake. The first kind of digital input port, uses for to accept Dubi to surround the sound. This is one kind of two sound track digital coding tonic train signaling, on the nearly all LD plate loads has this kind of signal, is called PCM (pulse code modulation, one digit tonic train signaling encoding method) sound track. Many laser video disc players have a digital output post, if is directly connected the laser video disc player's digital out-port with the AV power amplifier's digital input end, by now because bypassed in the laser video disc player's digital-analog conversion electric circuit and the AV amplifier's a/d conversion electric circuit, obtains the sound quality is friends with some. In the quality good AV power amplifier, majority is carries on the Dubi direction detection logic decoding in the digital territory, i.e., what processes is 1 and 0 signals. Selects the digital connection method, may cause between the laser video disc player and the AV power amplifier connection is more direct. Other two kind of digit tonic train signaling inputs the port, not uses for to accept the PCM digit tonic train signaling. And one kind, side may the sign have “AC-3 RF” the inscription, uses for to input the radio frequency modulation which reads out from the LD plate “the Dubi digit” the signal. In addition that one kind, then uses for to input without the modulation “the Dubi digit” a bit class, if DVD machine has such signal on the output. On some AV power amplifier, these two kinds “the Dubi digit” inputs the port to merge, the machine may act according to the signal which sends is the modulation “the Dubi digit” the signal is also the non-modulation “the Dubi digit” the signal, carries on the transformation automatically, completes the corresponding decoding. In some types, that will input the non-modulation “the Dubi digit” the signal port also to be possible to accept the PCM signal, the machine will carry on the transformation automatically between these two form signal.

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