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Home Theater AV Amplifier The specific functions of 4

The input and the output port connect any AV the power amplifier, has two groups only to feed into the aural signal input port; A group uses in with the CD machine connection, another group uses in with the tape recorder connection. If the plan t'ung p'u circular telegram record player (LP) connection, that on the AV power amplifier should also have the first-level sign to have “PHONO” the inscription input receptacle. on AV power amplifier all audio frequency input and output port, what uses is the RCA plug (is named plum blossom plug). Video frequency port, then useful RCA plug, also useful new S video socket; The former uses in inputting the composite video signal, the latter uses in the video signal which input the chrominance signal and the luminance information already separated. Uses the S video frequency ties, only then, when the program source is the DSS decoding box, DVD machine and (high definition videocorder) replays the high definition recording tape (quite scarcely) with S-VHS, only will then have the quite good effect. If the program source is the DSS receiver, DVD machine or the high definition videocorder, that selects and purchases it to have the S video input and output socket's AV receiver, will be able to obtain compares the high quality the picture. Certainly, must enable the S video frequency connection the merit to display, your image monitoring device must have the S video input plug. In many AV power amplifiers, simultaneously has the composite video signal plug and the S video socket, may choose for you. the AV power amplifier also has 5 group of output terminals, used for to give the power amplification tonic train signaling transportation the sound box. These 5 groups of out-ports correspond left, middle and right, the left encirclement sound and the right encirclement sound 5 sound tracks separately. Also some group of sixth out-port, side is printed with “SUBWOOFER OUT” the symbol, uses for to connect an ultra bass sound box specially (also to be possible not to meet). Other 5 group of sound box splicing ear output is the strong signal, this group of ultra bass output terminal output is actually the low level signal, but also needs an independent amplifier to enlarge. The majority ultra bass sound box interior already was loaded with an amplifier, therefore may give this low level ultra bass signal direct present it. the AV power amplifier's video output port, the symbol is “MONITOR OUT” (monitoring device coupling end). Its function is gives the input power amplifier video signal present the image monitoring device. What no matter power amplifier choice is which kind of video frequency source, the video signal outputs from this port. This with the port which the image monitoring device connects, may be the composite video signal output socket, may also be the S video output plug; In some AV power amplifier, then simultaneously installs has these two kind of plugs.

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