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Home Theater AV Amplifier The specific functions of 2

* gives the suitable sound box and the ultra bass sound box the bass allocation (named bass management);   * carries on the THX processing (, when has this kind of processing electric circuit);   * actuates 5 group signal enlargement evacuation left, middle and right, the left encirclement and the right encirclement sound sound box. the present, we on its program introductions and so on source choice, input and output port connection, encirclement sound decoding and power amplification are as follows. the program source chooses in the family AV system, the AV power amplifier must first receive from each kind of program source sound and the image signal. Thus, you may the free choice one kind of program source, deliver to the speaker and the image monitoring device its signal, appreciates heartily. In order to achieve this point, you only need press in the power amplifier kneading board or a remote control's pressed key. By now, on the kneading board will have the demonstration frequently, the one who tells you to choose presently was any program source; On some machines, also possibly is chooses nearby the key to have the bright correspondingly. the AV power amplifier has many different brands and the model, the type is different, they can connect program source's quantity is not same. For example, some AV power amplifier may connect two AV sources (sound and image signal) and a tone frequency supply oscillator (e.g. CD machine), some group uses for to connect videocorder (VCR) again the program source. Also some AV power amplifier, may connect 4 AV sources, adds on two groups to be possible again to connect two videocorder's AV program sources and so on.

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