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Home Theater AV Amplifier The specific functions of

The AV power amplifier is the family theater system's control center. It must handle many matters, from chooses the video and music source which you must appreciate, yizhi dao the enlargement sound signal actuates the sound box. Its function is very similar with we very familiar stereo sound, but also has many differences. The stereo sound and the AV power amplifier may carry on the choice between the different program source, may control the replay volume, but may also enlarge the sound signal to actuate the sound box, but, the AV power amplifier has three unique functions, is the stereo sound power amplifier does not have: 1) to surrounds the sound signal to carry on some form the decoding; 2) processes the multi-sound tracks (, but is not stereo sound power amplifier such only processes duplex sound track likely); 3) has the image signal input port and the output port. Its schematic drawing like chart shows. AV power amplifier's another leading role, is to from the LD small dish, the VHS magnetic tape, the DSS signal or has the DVD small dish collection sound signal to carry on the decoding. The so-called decoding, is the collection from the source equipment's primitive sound signal, transforms left, middle and right and the left encirclement them and surrounds several group artificial voice signal right. Finally, in the AV power amplifier is also loaded with 5 sound track power amplifier, uses for to enlarge the artificial voice signal, actuates the family theater the sound box. the AV power amplifier's brand is numerous, they in the performance, the characteristic and in the use flexibility are not same, but for the identical duty, has the following these concrete functions:   * receive from various seedling sources equipment (LD, VCR, DSS, DVD) the image and the sound signal, choose the signal which needs, delivers to the image monitoring device and the sound box them (this function named program source cut);   * is Dubi surrounds the sound, the Dubi digit or DTS according to sound signal's coding form, carries on the corresponding encirclement sound decoding to the primitive sound signal;   * collects AM and the FM broadcast signal;   * adjustment volume;   * the regulating system initially sets at the performance, for example, thin accent various sound tracks' level;

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