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Program supports HDMI 1.1 HDMI DVD-Audio 1.2 Summary of the increase was useful for driving in two professions with HDMI is the function and characteristics of EC and PC power. Use To be precise, HDMI 1.2 functionality and content of improvement include: * Supports audio frequencies, such as code SACD DSD (Direct Digital to class) to be present and the future production of HDMI PC to better support the Improvement of content, including: Can the widespread use HDMI with a kind of clutch to use video in the original PC and PC-monitor support * The shape of the frequency source PC to be complete, while support for the EC YCbCr color space, it will use its premises * RGB color space to the need for HDMI 1st 2 and the monitor supports higher future circulation of low pressure (ie coupling alternating current) power source, such as those based on PCI Express I / O technical HDMI 1.2a energy of the electronic control system handheld (CEC) of the function and the collection order and compatibility tests of the CEC has general provisions recourse. He has developed tests for compatibility of the HDMI specification (CTS) 1.2a output, including the Annex to the CEC. HDMI CTS 1.2a has received renewed its goal, the HDMI standard, that the recently released 1.2 of the HDMI 1.2a, supports technical uniformity. The means and rewarding, CTS 1st 2a, the additional power cable and the tensile and Authorization Testing Center (ATC) contains deposit required. To be exact, under CTS 1.2a, the acceptance of use before you test more than the length of the cable with an HDMI cable, new varieties should increase the power supply to meet new ATC test. In addition, HDMI Licensing, LLC permission to obtain the coupling tab. To make the new computer from ATC CTS 1.2a testing at this computer all the links that appear on the census of approval clutch.
It should increase the tab for the connection, the manufacturer, the ATC or HDMI Licensing, LLC in full by the test result.

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