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HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface), ie, high-definition multimedia interface. Started transmission standards byHitachi HDMI, Panasonic, Philips, Silicon Image, Sony, Thomson, Toshiba, a total of seven companies in 2002, launched in April .???? The latest figures show that the HDMI audio and video interfaces will replace the current DVD players, televisions, display interface. ShouldThe advantage of using HDMI is: You need a single HDMI cable can transmit video signals simultaneously, instead of combining the need for the lines. For example, use a cable instead of the front of the DVD + Audio Cable AV Cable connects to your TV standard .???????? HDMI is the biggest benefit to a bandwidth of 5 Gbit / s data provide, you can send uncompressed audio and video signals with high resolution and may the best quality at the same time without having to send the signal to offer the D / A or A / D. Thethi first, though the digital audio signal is received on a single cable, but as a DVD player, such as the use of digital video equipment to the video often, such as S-Video and component (component video connection) This is the most common video connection HDMI historyThe simulated.HDMI specification of the 1st home 0 specification was released in December 2002.HDMI was 1.1 in May 2004.HDMI 1.2 specification was released in August 2005.HDMI 1.2a specification in December 2005.HDMI 1.3 specifications were published and released in June 2006.

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