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Fault Handling Of Loudspeaker

Open-circuit fault: the resistance between two pins for the infinite, in the circuit, expressed as silent, speakers did not contain any sound.

Cone rupture failure: Direct examination can be found in this failure, this failure of the speaker to be replaced.

Poor sound quality failures: This is a soft speaker failure, usually can not find any obvious fault features, but the sound is not pleasing to the ear speaker to replace this failure treatment.Amateur test under the condition of the speaker can only adopt Lyrics Inspection Act and the multimeter assay.Lyrics Inspection Act is the speaker connected to the power amplifier output, by listening to voice quality, subjective evaluation of its good or bad.Using multimeter test speaker is rough.

Measuring DC Resistance: The R * 1 range measuring speaker DC resistance between the two pins, the normal speaker impedance should be slightly smaller than the plate. For example, 8-ohm speaker resistance is normally measured around 7 ohms. Measuring infinite resistance, or greater than its nominal impedance shows that speakers have been damaged.

Kara Kara listen to the sound: Measuring DC resistance, it will be an intermittent lifting of the table stick pin, should be able to hear the sound of loudspeakers at Kara Kara, sound the bigger the better, there is no such sound speaker voice coil has been choked to death note .

Visual inspection: check whether the speaker cone rupture phenomenon.

Check Magnetic: Using a magnetic screwdriver to try magnets, magnetic, the stronger the better.



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