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Development of jbl speaker -page2

The sound effect made it become the monitorloudspeaker which good the hollywood movie profession was most widespread uses, at this point in world movie theater bugleThe loudspeaker system just is the Lconic variety. in 1941, the blue Xin's business went down hill day after day, has sold to Altec the company, but has composed the Altec shareholder is a Engineer originally Western Electxic Ban. Because The US government saw Western Electxic to monopolize the movie market recording profession, therefore issued an order it to sell the acoustic department, therefore Western Electxic sold to 1938 the acoustic department the engineering dept, own common good friend, therefore the earlier design manufacture all came from western Electric, blue Xin was his originality enters the mountain peak in the ALtec assignment's five years the time, he has created 604 15  coaxial units, this unit is called in the acoustic history most to dress up the sound and the most popular coaxial unit, after passing through a half century, ALtec to today in the production, blue had still designed the classics sound of speaker theater, blue Xin designed theseThe product is the ALtec history most splendid product, after blue Xin leaves, ALtec again has not designed a better thing.



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