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Development of jbl speaker -page1

Was born in 1928 JBL speaker, as soon as makes noise has then amazed the world with a single brilliant feat, at that time the Hollywood Warner theater screens the first sound film "Knight Singer" elects the acoustic equipment is by JBL founder James. Cloth Luo river. Blue Xin designs (only then the best sound only then matches the Warner theater) this stimulation, one year later, blue Xin founded his blue Xin to make the company. Speaks of James. Cloth Luo river. Blue Xin, has no alternative but to raise him to JBL the influence, blue Xin is 1902 was born west the US, likes the electrical machinery thing since childhood, 12 years old had understood that installs the radio transmitter, after the middle school graduates, once had read the trade and repairs a vehicle the curriculum, and works as the automobile mechanic, only then has arrived at Salt Lake City to fight for state power afterward, in 1927 has established own company in the California Los Angeles, for the radio factory manufacture loudspeaker unit, latter for many big corporate design speaker, in 1936, the US High Plum Movie Company asked blue Xin Bang to design the movie theater loudspeaker system one after another specially, named shearer Horn, won an Oscar finally, this was blue XinAn achievement, before then, the movie theater loudspeaker system is western Electric in three group system monopolies, but blue Xin designs the shearer bugle system is two groups systems, adds 15 吋 world W model angle bass with the treble bugle, this kind of loudspeaker design becomes tuba's manufacture criterion which in the profession pursues follows, afterward even linked western Electric also to use this design to rebroadcast the effect good command blue Xin to establish the talent sound designer's sound to transcribe, in the same year, blue Xin designed the Lconic two groups loudspeakers



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