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DVD disc Category2

4 .DVD Recordable (may write DVD) DVD-R (or said that DVD-Write-Once) is limits record time DVD, the use is similar to CD-R. Because after the data reads, cannot revise again, therefore also said that it for disposable reads in the type DVD compact disc. DVD-R has compared to the CD-R higher record capacity (the approximately 6 piece of CD-R capacities). Now the second generation of DVD-R compact disc one-sided capacity has achieved 4.7GB, this will give the DVD product to bring the broader prospects for development. DVD small dish piece different recording mode 5. DVD-RAM (DVD stochastic memory, is also called DVD-RW, namely DVD-Rewritable) DVD-RAM is may the multiple read-write disc, its use is similar to MO and CD-RW, we said that it for may duplicate the read-write type DVD compact disc. It has used the magneto-optical technology with the recording mode which changes, therefore has only then served the purpose which may duplicate again. It is similar with CD-RW, may carry on the repeated read-write, the DVD-RW one-sided capacity is 3GB. The early DVD-ROM driver is unable to read DVD-R, DVD-RAM, the DVD-RW compact disc, present's DVD-ROM driver had already solved this problem. classifies according to the DVD disk sheet's capacity, because the DVD compact disc has the one-sided list/double-decked with the list/two-sided specifications, therefore according to the specification difference, will have the different capacity, therefore different may divide into according to the capacity DVD four kind of specifications, respectively will be DVD-5, DVD-9, DVD-10 and DVD-l8.what in the present market condition is quite common will be DVD-5 and the DVD-9 small dish piece, DVD-10 and DVD-18 wants period of time only then massively to go on the market. Because the latter (double-decked DVD) involves to the small dish piece trades the surface the work, moreover the capacity is also too big, also very little has the such great capacity demand at present after all. small dish piece specification disk sheet type diameter scolding to one's face/layer capacity broadcast time cd-rom12 centimeter one-sided 650mb are most 74 minute audio frequency dvd-512 centimeter one-sided single-layer 4.7gb to surpass 2 hour video frequency dvd-912 centimeter one-sided double-decked 8.5gb about 4 hour video frequency dvd-1012 centimeter two-sided single-layer 9.4gb about 4.5 hour video frequency dvd-1812 centimeter two-sided double-decked 17gb to surpass 8 hour video frequency

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