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CD Recording Technology

CD burning technology is more professional CD production technology, but recent technology has been out of the gate areas of expertise into the business and personal use of the CD recording system also has entered the practical stage.In the CD or VCD of the production process to go through the burn the working procedure. CD-burning is to produce a good music program (usually recorded in the professional digital audio recording using DAT tape), through the CD burner to burn to CD (CD-R) discs, it has been known as the master CD, generally known as CD -R, so CD production master, you can suppress the normal CD tablets in bulk. VCD is similar to the burn with this completely, but is to become the audio signal processing audio and video signal processing Bale.Used in the formal studio professional recorder are 7-8 million a year. At present, CD burner on the market price actually less than at the yuan, such recorders and computers to be linked, of course, such a universal-type burner for the home video camera then burn it to create VCD film is entirely possible However, it can not be expected professional standards as well as some people take advantage of this recording device for the general users to create VCD, is also popular masses.The above mentioned burner by burning a CD-ROM called CD-R, these discs can be directly used as a VCD and CD disc can also be used to make the professional mastering purposes. This disc prices are also very cheap, Chinese-made films in the 10-20 yuan, import films, but also super-hundred dollars, which gives the development of civilian market to create a very good condition.

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