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CD Machine Why would they adopt high-bit-and super-sampling

High bit and the ultra sample is improves the compact disc player acoustic fidelity the important means. The ultra sample may slow down low pass filter's weaken characteristic, reduces the phase distortion, the high bit can reduce the signal-to-noise ratio drop which, because the ultra sample digit filter bring., although in the compact disc player, the digital signal transformed after DAC obtained the simulation aural signal, but actually existed unnecessarily by 441kHz the integral multiple spurious frequency ingredient, for this reason must use a weaken characteristic very steep low pass filter to filter, so long as but, in the level has the misalignment slightly, the spurious frequency and the wanted signal will modulate mutually will have the serious distortion. Moreover weakens the characteristic good low pass filter phase distortion to be also big, similarly will affect compact disc player's acoustic fidelity. Therefore inserts the digital filter before DAC to carry on sampling frequency 4, 8 times and so on ultra sample, the spurious frequency then changes to the high-frequency, can use the weaken characteristic gentle low pass filter, thus improves the phase distortion greatly. However the digital filter's introduction will have the arithmetic error to create the signal-to-noise ratio the drop, uses high bit DAC to be able to reduce the signal-to-noise ratio the deterioration, if 20bit DAC can cause the signal-to-noise ratio the deterioration to reduce to ignores the degree.which digital output connection does the * compact disc player have the compact disc player to have the digital output connection goal, lies in the external connection digit/to simulate the switch (DAC), facilitates the promotion. Compact disc player's digital output connection has three types. the optical fiber outputs: The merit is nearly not the external interference influence, specially, low frequency electromagnetic interference, moreover the transmission band width, the loss are small, but can also prevent the useless electromagnetic radiation which produces by the holding wire. the optical fiber outputs the separable Toslink optical fiber and TA&T (ST) the optical fiber two kinds, their difference lies in the transmission interface standard and the optical fiber material is different, cannot use in common. Toslink is develops by Toshiba Corporation, and after the Japanese EIAJ authentication's one kind of general optical fiber output standard, has the weight to be light, section small, anti-electromagnetic interference ability, but easily radio-frequency interference. AT&T is the standard which formulates by American AT&T Corporation. the above two kind of connections, are S/P DIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interface Format) the standard. coaxial outputs: 75Ω the coaxial connection has BNC and the RCA two kind of specifications, generally the use general RCA specification coaxial connection, this kind of output interface's performance is friends with the Toslink optical fiber to output. But at&T connection adds on the high-quality silica fiber exception. balanced output: Namely AES/EBU standard output use XLR connection, this kind of output only in the top, the specialized equipment use, the characteristic is the reliability is good, disassembling is easy.More speaker box wholesale,hi-fi speaker,jbl speaker and loudspeaker made in our  speaker manufacture and speaker factory