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Audio-visual room decoration, you need to know the problem

Audio-visual room decoration, you need to know the theoretical basis of chapter problems 【】Question one: audio-visual room decoration need to know where the theoretical knowledge.Audio-Visual Room decoration needs of very many theoretical knowledge.First of all, a basic knowledge of architecture, these knowledge to help you understand the room itself was based on physical properties.Secondly, the design of basic knowledge that will allow you to express their intentions, rational use of materials. If you want to complete their own hands if need CAD drawings of knowledge and capabilities.Strong and weak basic knowledge of electricity: at least you want to know the strength of the basic specifications of electricity.Then, is the knowledge of room acoustics.Finally, knowledge is the equipment.As for the design of video on the problem of light, audio-visual requirements in this area is relatively simple, as long as they commit an error of principle on the list.Also, the concept of reasonable price and not merely freeloaders can not blindly pursue high-end.Moderate, what one can.We mainly want to talk about the following is some basic knowledge of room acoustics. Probably will not let you become a designer of endeavor, but it allows you to avoid making detours.Question 2: What is the room acoustics?Room acoustics is to study the propagation of sound in indoor and applied science.Question 3: What is the acoustic sound field?Sonic mechanical vibrations or air currents caused by fluctuations in elastic media phenomenon. The scope of sound waves is affected by the sound field.Note that this evaluation of sound field and sound quality when used in the sound field is slightly different.Question 4: The basic propagation characteristics of sound waves What is this?The spread of sound is subject to resistance. Sound waves in the dissemination of the time because of being transformed into kinetic energy as a part of the friction and heat, this is called "medium on the absorption of sound energy," the application of this principle is very wide, and all of the sound absorption is based on this principle above.The medium absorption is closely related to the degree and frequency, the higher the frequency the greater the loss, so much faster than low frequency high-frequency attenuation.In the air, their relationship is this: to absorb losses and the frequency of sound waves proportional to the square.Theoretically, in an infinite space and homogeneous medium, the point spread of new students in order to spherical form.Medium at any point of the sound intensity and the inverse square of the distance. Sound pressure with the inverse distance.Question 5: Sound propagation velocity of theThe sound propagation velocity of the ever-changing, because of high humidity, temperature and medium density should affect the speed.At room temperature, acoustic wave speed is 344 meters / second, while in the granite can shoot up to 6400 meters / sec.In the zero rubber, the speed down to 30-50 meters. Seconds.Question 6: acoustic reflection, refraction, diffraction phenomena. In the room acoustical treatment useful?Has proved very useful.Reflection of sound waves the most widely used in small space, room acoustics treatment is spread.When the sound waves encounter uneven reflective surface when forward sound waves can not be superimposed with each other, backward can not be offset each other, thus forming a sound wave scattering.When fully spread, the sound will become plump dynamic, the sound field will be very active, two-channel listening to this for the greatest benefit.Refraction of sound waves into the different media when the change in direction of propagation phenomena

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