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Audio line in the role of sound

1, on behalf of the precise meaning of home audioUsually, we two speakers, a power amplifier and a stereo cable to connect turntables, they constitute a set of stereo. "Listen to audio" is the most common word, no one said "see sound" in. Here in essence "Ignore" feature in the sound of the picture in existence. In fact, with DVD, TV and projector of the increasing popularity, many families are not used for the audio songs, listen to music, but also used to watch concerts, discs and disc home theater. Therefore, precisely, the vast majority of modern home stereos include "listening" and "see" function. That is why we are here to talk about the sound has pointed out, that is to have sound and picture features sound.2, audio cable (hereinafter referred to as stereo line) in the role of sound inTo connect the various parts of sound, transmission of audio and video signals, and this is the role of audio lines. Many people believe that only the audio line in audio accessories, no need to pay attention to it, casually looking for a few can make do with. Of course, this sound can also be a voice out of the screen, but in fact results have been discounted. Because, whether it is from the turntables to the power amplifier and then to speakers of this audio signal transmission process, or from the disc player to the TV, to the projector of this video signal transmission process, have been transmitted by the wire itself, poor performance and of external electromagnetic interference effects that weaken and pollute the signal, so that can not be issued a high-fidelity stereo sound, TV and projector can not reproduce the realistic picture. Therefore, being used and will be using the sound of friends, it is necessary to understand a bit of the audio line and take a reasonable investment, but also to proper use, so as to ensure that the sound to play the best results. Should be emphasized that: to ensure that sound can play the best results, this is a comprehensive "project." In addition to sound quality and the disc itself, the quality is better than every link of the audio lines can not be careless, otherwise they will "come to naught," a waste of sound, a waste of money, received only a watered-down sound and picture effects. This is with the tap water tower water itself is clean, because a certain period of water has been polluted and clean water so you are not the same reason.3, audio line classificationAudio line includes audio cable and video cable two broad categories. Because the audio in English, "AUDIO", video in English, "VIDIO", so some people have referred to as AV cable audio cable. Similarly, people can play sound and pictures of the family referred to as AV stereo sound.Audio line includes: analog audio cable, balanced lines, fiber-optic lines, coaxial, speaker wire;Video lines include: analog video cable, S-Video cable, component cable, progressive scan lines.One point: domestic TV and cable to connect the antenna to which the signal line, said the closed-circuit line, there is that RF line, also called TV RF cable. No matter what kind of name for, in fact they are an ordinary TV antenna, it does not belong to the scope of audio lines, where no introduction, it should be stressed: Do not underestimate the role of home TV Natiao antenna, it is the signals transmitted by the television stations will transmit to the family TV to receive the only "bridge." If it's poor quality, then re-advanced TV

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