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Audio Cables knowledge and purchase

Audio Cables knowledge and purchaseAV cable is a home stereo audio cable (Audio Cable), and video cable (Vidio Cable) short. Whether audio cable or video cable, can effectively rule out the external electromagnetic interference, and to Khan, the original flavor of the original transmission of the signal, we say this is a high quality line.1, home audio classification and main features: home stereo are normally pure audio and home theater audio categories. Pure Audio, also known as HI-FI audio, from a pure power amplifier (only 2 channel output), speakers and turntables, generally used to listen to music and songs. Home theater audio, also known as AV component system that can play two-channel music and songs can also play six-channel home theater discs. "Fans" in general play of pure sound, but also to listen to Western classical music-based.2, fiber-optic lines, coaxial with the decoder and amplifier machine relationship: disc player itself is able to "read code" and "decoding", but in order to reduce the cost and its decoding functions are generally the primary. To enhance the "decoding" series, so that the sound more Liang, people invented the independent decoder and decoding functions with a power amplifier, thus there will be some connection between the disc player and decoder, CD and decoding between the power amplifier The "bridge" - fiber optic lines and coaxial line, which put disc players "read" out of the digital audio signal transmission to the independent decoder or amplifier with a decoding machine "decoded" into audio signals. This transmission frequently used in high-end audio.3, audio cable, video cable, coax can not be mixed: from the appearance point of view, video cable, audio cable, and coaxial line by line, and two of the terminal body composition, and they are all relying on the metal wire inside the core transmission signal. Therefore, it was less demanding for the sake of expediency, or an arbitrary mix of the three. It would also be able to guide traffic numbers, but the sound and picture quality will certainly suffer. Silver Leaf Wang AV line production according to three different characteristics and uses with different structures and materials, ensuring the real music and images to restore.4, compare the same two functions should have the AV cable is good or bad conditions:① both prices and grades must be within reach;② must use the same set of audio, with a piece of music, the same volume, the same listening environment;③ used audio and high-grade test Yindie be too low in itself is issued by the noise, so difficult to compare.How to sound reasonable matching AV cable?AV line in the transmission of audio signals from the "bridge" role. According to the grade of matching sound the same grade AV cable so that it can get better stereo sound effects play. In general, the combination of high-end audio, AV cable's share of the investment ratio of 20% is reasonable. Even if the general sound, we can not use too much low-end of the AV cable, as this will decay, and the transmission of signals susceptible to external electromagnetic interference, eventually leading to the sound distortion. Those willing to spend money on audio and not willing to spend money on AV-line approach, is actually open to the petrol filling stations with Mercedes-Benz 90 # gasoline no difference on the surface are saving money, but eventually lead to undesirable results.

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