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Amplifiers and speakers with access

Amplifiers and speakers with access between the principal should pay attention to impedance matching and power matching two aspects. There are input and output transformer impedance matching amplifiers, with next speaker impedance should be consistent with their rated output impedance. The use of OCL or OTL circuit amplifiers, you do not have less stringent, the speaker's impedance changes can be within a certain range. Then, if equipped with 4 ohm speaker, the output power increased twice as long as the power amplifier-class performance is good, distortion is not increased a lot. If the power transistor temperature rise, but high, amplifiers able to safety. Power matching with the correct access method is to amplifiers speaker output power should be higher than the nominal power of 2 ~ 3 times as large. If the speaker of the nominal power of the election too large and power amplifiers driven by lack of time while these speakers sound, but often amplifiers volume was very large, have caused a serious distortion of the top cut, but the sound still seems inadequate. If the speaker's nominal power than the amplifiers rated output power is small, while promoting the power of feet, the sound nicely. At this time there is a larger power amplifiers work in the margins of the state, the distortion is relatively small.



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