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Amplifier and a speaker with pick four elements

In the design, installation of a stereo system,  loudspeaker and speakers can not help but encounter problems with access. In tone, the match will be attention to whether the well-being of affordable, moderate hardness and ultimately to restore the full set of equipment, neutral tone, it is only from an artistic considerations. From a technical considerations amplifier and a speaker with the elements of access are: one, power matching, 2, power reserve match, three, impedance matching, four, damping coefficient matching. If we take time to recognize this with four points, will enable the performance of equipment used in full, the biggest play.Power MatchingIn order to achieve the requirements of high-fidelity listening, rated power should be based on sound pressure level to determine the best to listen to. We all have this feeling: the volume hours, the sound weak, thin, dynamic get out, dull, a significant lack of low-frequency, full-degree difference, the sound seemed to shrink inside get out. When a suitable volume, the sound natural, clear, smooth, soft plump, powerful and dynamic out of them all. However, excessive sound, the sound is not soft and stiff, rough, there are tie ears feel. Therefore, sound pressure level and sound quality playback bears a closer relationship to provide the best listening area sound pressure level of 80 ~ 85dB (A weighted), we can learn from listening to the speaker distance from the area and the characteristics of speakers to calculate the sensitivity speaker's rated power with the amplifier's rated power.Power reserve match Speaker: In order to be able to withstand the burst shows strong signal pulses shocks Buzhi Yu damage or distortion. There is an experience of value that can refer to: The selected speaker nominal power rating should be calculated by the theoretical power of three.Amplifier: Tube amp and transistor amplifier compared to the required power reserve is different. This is because: tube amp over-load curve more gentle. Of the music signal to the overload peak, has created a tube amplifier is not clipping phenomenon, but to make cutting-edge rounded peak. This is what we often say that the flexible shear peak. The transistor amplifier in the overload point, the rapid increase in non-linear distortion of the signal serious clipping, it is not so rounded peak but it neatly cut leveling. Some people with resistors, inductors, capacitors simulate a composite characteristic impedance speakers, of several high-quality output capability of the transistor amplifier for practical tests. The results show that there is phase shift in the load cases, which have a nominal 100W power amplifier, in the distortion 1%, the actual output power of only 5W! Thus the transistor power loudspeaker for the selection of reserves:Hi-Fi speaker: 10 timesCivilian high-grade amplifier: 6 ~ 7 timesCivil mid-range power amplifier: 3 ~ 4 timesThe tube amp can be considerably smaller than the above-mentioned ratio.The average sound pressure level for the system with maximum sound pressure level should be much left margin. Depending on the content of programs should be run, the working environment. The redundancy of the minimum 10dB, for the modern pop music, Bengdi and other music, you need to leave the amount of 20 ~ 25dB redundancy, so that makes the sound system can be safe, stable work.ImpedanceIt refers to the rated output impedance amplifier, speakers should be consistent with the rated impedance. At this point, power loudspeaker design of the load line in the best condition, it can give the greatest distortion power, if the speaker's nominal resistance