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About the rated power

Speaking of the amplifier, the rated power generally refers to power with continuous RMS(Root Mean Square) output. While speaking of the speaker box, the rated power refers to the meaning that there is no damage to the speaker box when performed in such a  numbered power in a long period. However, this doesn??t necessarily mean that the speaker has to be pushed to perform by such a high-power amplifier. Actually there are two factors that determine the drive of the speaker: the sensitivity and the impedence characteristics.This does not also mean that the speaker can not be equipped with amplifier whose output power is greater than that of the rated power.It??s the same thing as driving a car, which doesn??t mean that it??ll have to be involved in a accident at the speed of 300 km/hr, you may not be so fast. Similarly,as long as the volume is not  blindly increased continuiusly, alow-power speaker can be equipped with a high-power amplifier.