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About Marantz 1

In Hi-Fi stereo field, very few who have, like Marantz (Marantz) as glorious history. In 2003, the Marantz is celebrating its 50th birthday anniversary. The legendary brand are so unique in the market share position, why a wide range of enthusiasts who are insightful and long lasting love? In order to solve this fan, let's open the history, to recover Marantz 50 years of development footprint bar.Taken place in the basement of the storyStory begins in 1948 as his starting point that year, Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc. launched the first mono-playing record (LP), ignited the public's enthusiasm for high-quality music, regeneration. One born in New York harbor an infinite passion for music playback freelance Saul B · Marantz (Saul B. Marantz), because the market was not satisfied with the music playback devices, simply spend a lot of time in the basement to create a its own amplifier. Saul in the advertising arts, but electronic technology also understand very well, perhaps because of the combination of art and technology, to enable him to create an extraordinary sound playback devices.The early LP recording a record with different characteristics, a Taiwan-specific amplifier is difficult to fully take into account all of the records. This issue has aroused the concern of Sol, after some effort, in 1952, he designed a revolutionary pre-amplifier. This station is equipped with amplifiers to adapt to different characteristic curve recording the balance of the required circuit is made immediately after the acclaim surrounding friends. His wife's suggestion, Saul decided to manufacture and sell 100 units this was what he called "Audio Control Panel" (Audio Consolette) of the pre-amplifier, unexpectedly, within one year, "Audio Control Panel" in order more than 400 units!The beginning of a series of honorsSaul B · Marantz love of LP records, audio enthusiasts everywhere are hooked on his product and continue for half a century old. Saul Marantz in 1953 the company was officially founded, a year after release of the Model 1 single-channel tube preamplifier. Model 1 is "audio console" business continuity, using three 12AX7, with singing the first amplification and high amplification level, sing the first amplification stage is equipped with RIAA equalization to achieve flat line put the audio sound curves. Model 1 also has seven inputs, including a road prepared for TV audio interface. Today, universal access to AV equipment, video equipment, Audio interface, however, Marantz Model 1 in more than 40 years ago, did it really have to admire Saul B · Marantz forward-looking vision.Price of 168 U.S. dollars each at the time this is not low price, however, Model 1 pre-amplifier or as an outstanding stereo sound being praised by fans and critics. Tape monitor switches, rotary volume potentiometer and an independent power supply, these designs are very innovative at the time spirit. Today, a good product relative to Model 1 before the class to become collectors of the hot demand, the price is far higher than the original