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About Acoustic Array

Sound one kind of sound amplification pattern which is present outdoor and the large-scale theatrical performance selects frequently, its principle of work is carries on the sound box the vertical direction arrangement (vertical) each speaker box  to have a garden awl build radiation space, these garden cone-shape's spatial sound pressure extrudes correspondingly, constitutes a crosswise ellipse covering space, happen to overspreads the auditorium the position, this is the sound active status, if the outdoor sound field is crosswise wide, like environment and so on stadium, square, may use many sound to combine an array. A speaker box sound each sound box is hanging the direction and the angle is may adjust, adjusts each sound box's radiation angle, causes speaker box radiation axial alignment auditorium position, adjusts many speaker box  angles, then covers the area to overspread the entire auditorium position. The sound radiation lineup includes: A, the concave shape pattern it suits the auditorium width the sound field, it radiates dynamics great distance near B, the horizontal shape pattern: It suits in the vertical profound sound field, its radiation distance is far, the concrete regulation means have in the speaker box suspension unit adjust each speaker box to be hanging the angle the screw mounting bolt, the people may need to carry on according to the design adjust the sound box to be hanging the angle, each sound box's adjustment angle carries on the choice generally in 0 0-7.5 0 scopes. The outside open-air theatrical performance's difficulty is very big, because the outdoor sound field does not have the both sides wall and ceiling's speaker reflection, the speaker is never to returns, is equal to the space, therefore the sound function's loss is enormous, generally in the outdoor theatrical performance and the indoor audience area same situation, the sound total output outdoor must compared to indoor accoustical power rate big 3-10 times, be able to satisfy the large-scale theatrical performance the request, usually must achieve several thousand tiles the requests. If in situation which in the acoustic equipment, the manpower, the physical resource technology have not grasped absolutely, do not continue the outdoor large-scale theatrical performance easily the task. Theatrical performance's duty in overseas has, because the sound system breaks down to have crowds causes the wound, lethal instance. If must continue time the outdoor performing task, may unite 2-3 art groups or the large-scale acoustic company, the common cooperation carries on the operation.

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