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A small room coloration phenomenon - low-frequency hum sound problem

Low-frequency hum in sound recording in a small room often may encounter problems, improper handling will seriously affect the quality of language, or even result in recording failure. Low-frequency humming sound is a phenomenon of coloration, many electro-acoustic system and its channeling sound transmission system of this phenomenon can occur, but the frequency of staining appeared different. The so-called voice of staining refers to the process of signal transmission, for some reason makes the sound source in a certain - the frequency have been over-strengthened, thus changing the sound source characteristics of a phenomenon. Recorded a small room, especially the smaller of dialogue recording room, this phenomenon is particularly common. British Broadcasting Corporation's research department has expressed a similar investigation and found that in the studio or language studio recordings often sound dyeing behavior. Analysis showed that the frequency of the phenomenon usually occurs staining distributed in the 100 Hz a 300 Hz in this range. Was that their male programs as the material existence of the 61 stained the phenomenon of language studio investigation results of the analysis. Language recording indoors, male coloration is most likely to produce a frequency around 100 Hz a 175 Hz range, the second at 250 Hz in the vicinity; below 80 Hz or higher than 300 Hz are rare. Coloration of the tone of voice is extremely unfavorable, must be eliminated.As mentioned earlier, the phenomenon of coloration analytic, geometric and statistical acoustic acoustics seem powerless. In this case, had no choice but to resort to the theory of fluctuations.Fluctuations in enclosed space theory tells us that, for a small room, especially the shape of the rules in terms of a small room, in the low-band frequency degeneracy of Normal is difficult to avoid. Jane is the frequency degeneracy of the corresponding simple result will be greatly enhanced vibration mode. If we approach the room Jane is a collection of as many resonator, then some simple method has been fiercely excited vibration, the effect is like some of the same resonator is excited at the same time, these resonator Youyi the same frequency resonate, thus greatly enhancing the frequency of sound. In order to obtain good frequency transmission characteristics, required Normal frequency distribution of the room as evenly as possible to avoid the simple, and of the positive frequency barrel. If you take into account the characteristics of the human ear's hearing, Jane is the frequency distribution of interval should be greater than 2 Hz and less than 20 Hz. Is less than 2 Hz, hearing is difficult to distinguish; its effect is equivalent to the corresponding frequency degeneracy of Jane; greater than 20 Hz,As the corresponding positive frequency band there is no corresponding simple, sound source can not inspire these Jane Jane is the frequency corresponding to vibration mode. This state of affairs the existence of a uniform sound source at each frequency transmission is unfavorable.According to closed space wave theory, to make simple frequency distribution is uniform, must have two basic conditions: First, the room size should be large enough; second, the room size should be irregular or have the right length, width and height of the between the ratio. The first condition can not be met, even if the size of small rooms designed as irregular type, in order to achieve Jane is the frequency interval were between 2-20 Hz is also very difficult.Studies have shown that the effective elimination of coloration and simple way is to increase the average room absorption coefficient and reduce the frequency of the corresponding stained bands appear simple vibration mode of energy. Under normal circumstances, when the room is greater than the average absorption coefficient of 0.3, the small room sound dyeing is no more. More speaker, loudspeaker,jbl speaker,hi-fi speaker,speaker wholesale made in our speaker manufacturer and speaker factory