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A simple treatment room acoustics 3

8. to obtain appropriately low frequency then wants the counter-second examination to suspend the sound box. About sound box's placing, this question is quite complex, here can only make a simple introduction. Two will place to the sound box has the influence factor; first, indoor resonant situation (roomresonancemode); Another one is listens to the sound chamber the boundary to the sound box radiation impedance load function. According to allison (Allyson) effect, when the boundary leaves the pronunciation unit the distance is 1/9 wave lengths, the pronunciation unit will then not load for the boundary reflection. Therefore, sound box's then wants few in this frequency time acoustic radiation power. Although may determines the sound box and the listening respectfully to optimum position using the computer and the special programming software, but spent several hours the time to carry on repeatedly tries to suspend was still is worth advocating very much. Remembers in sound box's bass pronunciation unit leave the ground, the spandrel wall and the back wall distance must select not the same value as far as possible. According to general places the principle, in these spacing's intermediate quantity's square must roughly and the most biggest spacing and the smallest spacing product quite. If places the sound box is leaving corner near place, the bass will then have the enhancement. may use “the vibrato” (warbletone) and the sound pressure decibel meter carries on the test, if places the sound box in some position time can hear the many 300hz following sounds, then proved already placed the sound box. If has the condition to use a rta spectrum analyzer, then changes in determining sound box's pendulum position. Places the position regarding the sound box, must have the patience, tries repeatedly, but do not be discouraged, because will then decide through the industrious work will have the pleasantly surprised harvest. So long as buys originally a pair of sound box is good, after insisting that will then try will suspend to discover repeatedly, originally an own set of acoustic equipment also really pretty good.

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