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A simple treatment room acoustics2

5. Can not let the reverb is too long. In the mirror reflection point pasting some small foam block does not make listening room there are too many changes. However, if the paste chunks of foam or a very thick curtains hung, they will because of excessive absorption and allow playback of music heard out of there dead feeling. Thin light-absorbing material will be well positioned to absorb high-frequency, but it does not work on the low-frequency. Typically, the thickness of the sound-absorbing material was generally half a wavelength with the acoustic equivalent sound absorption will play a role. For the 10khz sound waves, the wavelength is only 3.4cm, therefore, due to the thickness of a few centimeters of foam will be able to absorb high-frequency; However, for the low-frequency 200hz, because the wavelength has been as large as 1.7m, therefore, with only a few centimeters thick bubble naturally serves no purpose. Consequent, listening room will obviously will exist tone imbalance. Will be heard by people mostly with a reverberation of the sound field, and more than high-frequency have been absorbed very little low-frequency absorption.????6. Can be a little bit close to some speakers to listen to. Sometimes, occasionally carried out some attempts, it might sit a little bit close to the speaker of the place to listen to music. In fact, many people will often have to sit in a place away from the box to listen to music, which is actually listening to the room rather than listening to speakers. Near some will feel pleasure to listen to, though might not be able to hear directly from the speaker, as is issued to the sound so real, but as a standard of comparison Lyrics Daoshi not without benefits. The way to talk about, in fact, almost all of the sound recordings in the recording, whether recording is good or bad, are in the "near field" for eavesdropping.????7. On the ground reflected an exercise in a major source of sound pollution. Have mentioned earlier, using sound-absorbing material can absorb the ground and the ceiling of the high-frequency part of the early reflections. Referred to herein is in the direct sound, early reflections 5ms arrive after the first of those reflections. So fast the sound waves will be reflected back together with the direct sound. These early reflections of the two top octave will only have some strident voices, but one band will produce sound pollution. From Figure 3 and Figure 4 shows, in the presence of ground reflection as well as listening rooms and thus some of the basic treatment of the situation after the elimination of the ground reflection. After the elimination of reflection, the band will be very ideal, the response has shown a smooth state. This is why those type of speaker wire sound source will be confused by some of the reasons for buyers. No longer be delayed due to ground reflection (or more precisely speaking, the ground and ceiling, as well as the combination of speakers is no longer produced reflex), so the sound speakers will be reduced since the dye will be better. However, for point source type of speakers, will still be able to buy into the sound of dyeing small, as shown in Figure 5. The problem is that in order to obtain such a good performance, it had to be capped with chunks of foam on the ground. Of course, you can temporarily placed on listening to music, do not listen when they get open. Firing point only in the mirror put some thick foam can solve the problem.????However, the side walls ** reflection is another matter. To be able to more "sense of space", some people will want to reflect some of the side walls, as well. As the concert hall is extremely tall and spacious, reflective side walls will be going through until after a certain time reflected back. Therefore, people will be pleasant to listen to

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