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A simple treatment room acoustics

As we all know, listening room acoustic environment replay the sound system than any other kind of effect has a greater impact on audio equipment. Although there are many ways to improve the acoustic environment, but listening room for too much but will cause delay in processing. For example, so that the sound can have a good spread of course, spreading in all directions so that the sound-scattering and to avoid echo, however, had it been allowed the proliferation of house everywhere Jiewei surface, would make the stereo sound image localization bad, sounds are spread to the Quartet could not accurately focus the audio-visual.????Little room for room acoustics that the situation is more complex. Although better audio books and periodicals devoted to this was introduced, but they could not tell the exact sound advice, the problem is that there are many inconsistencies, different experts expressed different views. However, indoor acoustic environment and speaker placement and listening position on the effect of sound playback has played a significant impact on Daoshi consensus, the article will not talk about those esoteric principles as well as those strange way to deal with indoor acoustic environment. We only introduce some simple and practical and that everyone is able to do deal with indoor listening environment approach.????1. Floors, a thick carpet. The most likely would be a serious reflection of the fear that sound is the ground. Although the carpet is not able to work on the low-frequency, but the first thing to do is to try to absorb more high frequency reflections. After the direct sound first 5ms (milliseconds) or the formation of a few milliseconds later, the early reflections will become part of the direct sound, and also because they come from the same direction, which will give people to hear. Should be avoided so that pure voice mixed with the speaker to send some high-frequency sound is reflected back on the ground. And because it is unlikely that the ceiling can add some soft-liner, so if you do not lay out the ground to the carpet, there will be two parallel and reflect the strong surface acoustic wave will be in the back and forth between the ground and ceiling reflections, thus so that the sound has become ugly.????2. In the window hung curtains. In some concert halls, always to avoid with reflective glass. In the listening room, because all the walls are so close, consequent, glass produced by reflected sound is very easy to lead people to feel hate. Can try to hang in the windows can be opened some curtains, listening to music when they lower the curtains. Also, do not display in the listening room with a glass front panel of the bookcases and furniture.????3. Seek to undermine the wall parallel to the reflection. Parallel to the walls and ceilings with the same floor, there are likely to produce endless reflection, and thus a "multiple echo" so that the sound has become ugly. Can force flop hands, if you hear the echo, we note some problems listening room. Shelves, especially the messy shelves randomly placed in these books, as the proliferation of acoustic devices, they can cut off those parallel to surface reflection, although the sound has been better tailored to the proliferation of screens for sale, but placed in the listening room a few shelves will be able to play pretty good results.????4. Tweeter's "mirror reflex points" on the paste more bubbles. Unless the ceiling is like an empty church listening so tall, or we should tweeter in each speaker's "mirror reflection. When the ceiling mirror reflection point affixed to the thickness of a few cents, but

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