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AV receiver purchase knowledge

About speaker,the family theater receiver takes the family theater “the heart” its importance is self-evident, but along with the video and music technology's unceasing development, the AV receiver big development is also changes with each new day. If you want to know that receiver more characteristics, the sound effect technology as well as selects and purchases the main point, hoped that the following content can have the help to you. price: The current AV power amplifier's price about 1000-20000 Yuan, has the built-in decoding receiver price to roughly be expensive, generally the built-in decoding's receiver price about 2500-4000 (domestically produced brand), the overseas brand's price naturally wants on expensively many. brand: in the current market's AV receiver works as is the product is most popular by the date, Sony, the Malan gentleman, An Qiao and so on established brand receiver big plant has promoted many series products. Because these manufacturers in domestic have the production line, the price is not unattainable, probably between 3000-5000, domestic many have the strength Hi-Fi manufacturer also to start to enter this domain, its quality is also is worth the consumer trusting. encirclement stereo sound pattern the receiver divides into the built-in decoder and does not bring decoder's two kinds, generally in the market condition receiver supports now the standard encirclement stereo sound includes: Stereo, DolbyProLogic, DolbyDigital(AC-3), as well as DTS, we usually said that saw the double D decoding is refers to the Dubi numerical code (AC-3) and the DTS decoding. In selects and purchases time must recognize this receiver whether to have the double decoding function, or only has the double D output function. main sound track output the each sound track output is also when continually the purchase needs to pay attention, the output is bigger, can impel the sound box to have a more resonant clearer sound, but some only then the 50W output's stereo sound receiver displays the effect is also quite good, generally the receiver output in 45-130W, some top's flagship receiver 5 sound track output can achieve 200W now, but price certainly also high many. harmonic distortion: is certainly lower is better, generally scope in 0.2%-0.02% 5.1 sound track direct outputs this is the present standard family theater encirclement sound standard, has the direct 5.1 sound track connection receiver to match is simpler. Digital-Ready input port the outstanding receiver should also have 6 sound track numerical code input connection, comes with the special double D decoder or the built-in decoder's DVD broadcast machine connection. Simultaneously will have such connection to appear regarding the next new technology also has the good promotion leeway. pretage kneading board A/V input port the pretage input kneading board can facilitate the user enormously the use, you can simultaneously connect many equipment not to use the worry connection question.



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