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The initial design of the multimedia speaker is relatively simple, there are just two channels, and that??s  why they  are being called the 2.0 speaker, also known as bookshelf speaker.And this is also the most traditional design of speakers.2.0 speaker generally has two components,which are two identical cubes.One of them is being called the main speaker built in amplifier circuit, the other is known as the deputy speaker.Speaker are generally designed with two channels and each speaker has a tweeter and a bass unit.Since the 2.0 speaker is made by selected materials, and the requirements of the work is relatively high, the price is no wonder more higher.However, the music played from it is extremely expressive.Particularly in its intermediate frequency, no X.1 speaker can match that.And the CDs, MP3s that we are listening to now are all two-channel recording.Therefore,even if we use more speakers we can not enjoy the surround effect, not even the feeling of stereo.And that can explain why some high-end 2.0 speakers have been used in mornitor equipments, and most of the Hi-Fi speakers are 2.0 speakers.




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