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Do not be confused when you buy a speaker box wholesale

Today, in the domestic audio market, a number of phenomena that are taking place, so that the relationship becomes meaningless there is much to. Do not you see, when buying speaker box wholesale, when you compare two different machines require power, the seller all likelihood, the volume of the two machines will open to a position potentiometer, for example, the location of people's habits and the middle of the clock compared with the hour hand position, called open until 12 o'clock, and then listen to who is the volume of the large, major power sub-contractors who. In fact, this species because it is completely misleading, because the comparison will often get the opposite result with the actual, or even be abused by unscrupulous businessmen or manufacturers used to make you fall into the trap. Then the method to determine where exactly do wrong?
On this issue, you may be misled by the two illusions. First, the gain of the size of the machine caused by the illusion. Second, the characteristics of potentiometer caused the illusion. The following description of the problem on the potentiometer in which the mystery.

Potentiometer is a change in the signal strength for the parts, rotary potentiometer is actually changed the course of attenuation coefficient, the minimum position is 0, maximum position is 1. But in the process of rotating a location corresponding to the attenuation coefficient is not the same for each potentiometer, such as position in the rotation when he is not the half attenuation coefficient is 0.5. If the rotating half of the attenuation coefficient is half of spin 1 / 4 attenuation coefficient is 1 / 4, this pot is called a linear potentiometer. But people have long found that the human ear's own sense of the volume is not linear, the signal attenuation on the sound is not half feel it is smaller by half, in order to make the decay process in line with the characteristics of the human sense of hearing, so there is a feature called the index of the potentiometer emerged. Index of the performance characteristics of first and slow decay characteristics after the fast, but because it is offset by a sense of human ears on the non-linear, but will listen to a sense of the feeling is uniform in. Therefore, in the classic circuit design theory, the volume potential are Used for index properties. If you use a linear potentiometer to do the volume potentiometer, when the volume is turned up a little bit of it will feel great. In the dead of night, when the volume can not be smaller, it is found it difficult to control the volume. This is because the machine can quickly reach its maximum power output, but in fact go down to increase the machine's speaker box wholesale output increase is very limited, and has even distortion.

As said earlier the index potentiometer, use this potentiometer linear potentiometer with the above comparison, the volume in the same position would feel small, but do not worry about maximum output power loss.

Index potentiometer is to expand the useful range of adjustment, while the possible power Daotou phenomenon or the resulting distortion of the range compression to a minimum. Therefore, according to the formal design concept, if done with a linear potentiometer to adjust the volume use, would be considered not an error that is ignorance. However, to make people feel power of the machine is bigger, put it more bluntly point, is to Meng Ren, mentioned earlier in this article in order to win honors, and some manufacturers still do so.