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Shandong the successful completion of 11 matches broadcast delivered tasks

The Eleventh National Games in October 2009 with 16 ~ 28, was held in Jinan, Shandong Province. A sports event of special significance, the current National Games following the 2008 Beijing Olympics on China's competitive sports and mass sports an overall review of
Following on from the Beijing Olympic Games, held after the first comprehensive sports event, the Eleventh National Games of the events, the participating personnel, the number of guests in excess of the previous National Games; standard high, scale and makes the current Games were well received. With the Olympics a high level of technical broadcast front, imagine the pressure of 11 Games.
But the anchor station in Shandong Taiwan has overcome various difficulties and successfully completed 11 transport event coverage mandate, were highly acclaimed.

Shandong TV Technology key is 11, deputy director of Song Yun-IBC project's overall person in charge is responsible for construction of IBC venue of the signal acquisition, production and transmission and so on. According to Song Zhuren introduction, 11 transported over 12,000 square meters total area of IBC, is the hub of the entire Games TV, total of four functional areas, the media work area consists of 20 studios, six production rooms, Core System area shared by the IBC event information processing service system, dispatch centers, control equipment room composition. All across the province-wide transportation venues match signals are gathered here, on a nationwide distribution of the major TV media scheduling live signal; events during the All-delivered radio and television news reports are also included here on the events and editing . 11 During transport, IBC event information processing shared service systems to complete 12 hours a day, a total of 300 hours to complete race live; completed a total of 950 games, a total of 3500 hours of the event material (including 1,600 hours Preparation of record); of the archives 110
data stream tape, a total of 1900 hours event material; has 28 media use IBC retrieve edit event information, a total of 8,000 hours using the editing site.

Win 11 matches in order to protect the security of broadcast television can be described as the dumping of Shandong Department of Taiwan's technology efforts, according to Song Zhuren introduction, Shandong TV technology department, totaling 68 people, including more than 50 people deployed to serve the National Games.
Games technical staff strength and the level of tension in no way inferior to the athletes to come, while staying in Taiwan, where the staff is working overtime to ensure that the units to work normally.

By Shandong TV and Newauto Silicon Valley Video Technology Co., Ltd. jointly designed, self-developed high-SD 11 shipped IBC event information processing shared service systems broadcast during the event has played an extremely important role, the system is by far the largest national IBC systems and integrated sports events. October 29, the system adopted by the State Administration of Radio, China Central Television, Central People's Broadcasting Station, broadcasting and television and Planning Institute and other units of the evaluation committee composed of experts in that area.
Identification of the Committee spoke highly of, that the system to achieve a number of innovations at the technical level of the leading domestic level, to a high standard-definition broadcast television information processing shared service system has a reference value.

Paid a hard sweat and reap the praise of all parties. Shandong TV technical staff superb professionalism, dedication to professionalism, as well as warm service attitude, East Road, Taiwan has demonstrated a good mental outlook, access to transportation to participate in all relevant national leader in covering the press with great praise.