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High quality speaker

I purchased these speakers from Newegg. I was using a pair of BIC DV62si speakers for my budget basement system.

They were a great deal for just over $100. But the bass was lacking and they were too bright/harsh.

I had the famous Ed Frias $30 mod done on the crossovers and it helped the sound, making them less bright and improving the bass.

But when I saw these Polks go on sale, I couldn't pass them up.

Do they sound like floor standing speakers as some reviews say?

No, but the speakers close the gap. When I first hooked them up they sounded a bit tinny.

But after a month, they broke in and sound much better.

They still seem a bit bright to me but that may be because I'm used to 3/4" tweeters on my floor standing speakers in my main living room system.

What really surprised me was the bass. Very impressive for bookshelf speakers with 6-1/2" woofers.

In my opinion, the large bass port in the front of the speaker has a lot to do with that.

I can crank up the volume very high and these speakers can easily handle it without any distortion.

Besides the overall sound, that may be one of the biggest differences between these speakers and the BIC's.

The BIC’s would distort at high volumes, these Polks do not. I added a Polk PSW505 12 inch 300 watt subwoofer and this setup now sounds incredible.

This is my second as I already had one in my main living room setup. I couldn't pass up a second one at the sale price.

The speaker is a high quality speaker that sounds better than most of its pricier competitors' speakers.

After purchasing these, I heard Energy and Boston Acoustic 6-1/2" bookshelf speakers.

Believe it or not, these sound better and cost a lot less if you catch them for the sale price on Newegg.

I also love the look of the curved cabinets.the curved design improves the sound as the non-parallel curved side panels effectively reduce audible coloration.

The materials and build quality are excellent. I highly recommend these speakers.