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mp3 speaker box UTP07M

mp3 speaker box UTP07M

System application:

Nightclub, concern hall,house of worship,theatrical sound reinforcement,etc.

From small to mid-size entertainment venues.

Moreover,Flying system equipped versatile in applications. Ideal for large stadium, outdoor performances,etc.

Features and benefits:Hardware options are engineered to allow different mounting positions in fixed and portable applocations.

Numerous professional product designers and strong capacity of innovation make us competent to offer every customer

new items with good service , competitive prices, and fastest delivery time.

Technical Parameters:


Remote control mp3 player
Woofer:15" subwoofer 60 OZ 75 mm VC.ASV 4Ω
Tweeter:44 mm Ti. Diap. driver, 23 OZ, 8 oHM
Frequency response:40-20kHZ
Sensitivity:96 dB
Power:300 WATTS


Remote control mp3 player
Woofer:15" subwoofer 50 OZ 50 mm VC.ASV 4Ω
Tweeter:34 mm Ti.Diap.driver,13 OZ,8 oHM
Frequency response:45-20kHZ
Sensitivity:94 dB
Power:250 WATTS